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Seeding is one of our specialties at LoPresti Lawnscape.  We have thrilled clients throughout the area with our Custom Machine Seeding processes.

With our Custom Machinery, we have the ability to implant our Blue Label Seed directly through existing turf, or through dead material.  As you will see below in our before and after photo slide show, many of our clients have chosen to kill off the existing turf and have us implant our seed right through the dead material.  We call this Roundup and Reseed.

You will also see below that many have also chose to keep existing turf, and have us Machine Seed through that to bring their lawns back to life.

Our processes are generally about 1/3rd the cost of sodding turf areas.  Of course there is watering that is crucial, once the seeds are implanted into the soil, and nutrients are applied, and that's where your efforts begin.  Obviously sprinkler systems make life easy in that respect, but good hand sprinklers can be great as well.  Some of our clients that do not have an automatic system have purchased timers that go on the spigots, that can turn the standard sprinklers on and off as many times per day as we would like.  These have been very useful to people with busy schedules and seniors unable to deal with hoses and sprinklers.

Obviously Mother Nature can really help us all in our seeding efforts, and does wonders for seed installations.

To our friends with Shady lawn issues.  We have great success getting turf to grow in shade, but remember...Turf grasses are for the most part, sun loving plants and even though we use quality shade variety turf grasses in these areas, they don't last forever like a sunny turf grass will and will probably need a little over seeding or tune up occasionally.  Root systems from trees also play a role in shady turf growth and complicates matters, but even we are often surprised at what can be accomplished in shady areas and you will be too!

We don't just install our seed and walk away wishing you well either.  Your valuable dollars and investment includes our monitoring of the experience all the way from installation to maturity.  We hope that we would be the ones that manage the fertility of the new turf as well...giving us both an advantage to controlling whats going on. 

But take a look at just a small sampling of our past projects below.  Understand we are not the cheapest service in town, but we are the best, and these photos speak for themselves.   The first two sets of photos are examples of a roundup and reseed where we kill off the existing turf, and seed directly through the decaying materials and then there are several examples of over seeding existing turf areas to thicken them up.

We know what we are doing, we enjoy doing it, and the results we obtain... and so will you!

Thank you.

Before Photo. Existing Lawn Killed off Purposely