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Lawn Care Services

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  • Lawn Fertilization 
  • Weed Control
  • Surface Insect Control
  • Grub Control
  • Disease Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Seeding

                       Lawn Fertilizer Programs
At LoPresti Lawnscape, we use the best available Fertilizer and Weed Control in the area.  We refuse to use less expensive lower quality product and we do our best to maintain a competitive price in the marketplace. We will custom tailor a Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control Program to suit your needs and budget.

                          Weed Control
Controlling Weeds is one of the main reasons to hire a Lawn Care Company.  At LoPresti Lawnscape, we are very aware of this and we are also very aware of our role within the environment.  Rest assured we use quality Weed Control products in a safe fashion, and do our best to limit the amount of product we use to accomplish our goal of a Weed Free lawn.
* Included with your Lawn Fertilization program at no additional charge.

                      Surface Insect Control
If Surface Insects like Chinch bugs, Sod Webworm become a problem?  We can handle that too.  It's not part of the regular program, and isn't always necessary, so there would be an additional charge if that ever happens.  Of course we will always consult with you, and get your approval before taking any corrective actions or adding anything to your program.

                              Grub Control
Grubs are a persistent pest in Michigan.  They are the larvae of several different species of beetles like the May - June Beetle and Japanese beetle.  They begin life in the soil as the Grub Worms you may be familiar with and they can do a lot of damage to lawns.  Damage that has to be repaired and will not recover.

We often suggest our Grub Preventative Application in early summer as an insurance policy. 

We can apply Grub Control as a curative, but by that time the damage is well under way.

                            Disease Control
At LoPresti Lawnscape we are specialists in managing difficult disease prone lawns.  Be it Red Thread, Leaf Spot, Dollar Spot, or some of the more difficult to manage Systemic Turf Diseases, we can work closely with you and keep a close eye on the lawn. 

Being environmentally conscious, we often try with good results to manage disease problems without the use of Disease Control Products.  

                         Core Aeration
Core Aeration is simply the best thing you can do for your lawn.  Using a machine we carefully remove cores of soil that are re - deposited back on the lawn.  This allows for more efficient penetration of air, water and nutrients to the crucial Root System of your turf.  

It also then allows for the existing grass plants to flourish as their root systems seek out these holes and areas of soil that have been aerated and in turn create new grass plants, and make existing grass plants stronge. Yearly Core Aeration is recommended to most of our clients.

LoPresti Lawnscape can handle all of your Turf Seeding needs. From a few small spots you need hand seeded with care to complete Existing Lawn Renovations.  

We can do it all. See our special Seeding page for more information and some exciting before and after photos of lawns we have renovated recently!