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    Are the products you use safe?

The products we use are all EPA Registered products and labeled for public use.  Most of the products we use are available to homeowners at any garden center.  

At LoPresti Lawnscape we are judicious in our use of  the control products we use.  Be it Insect Control, Weed or Disease Control, rest assured we are State Licensed, experienced, and  while the products we use pose a negligible risk, we are
 very careful in our application of these products.  We apply products according to the manufacturers label, but apply just enough to accomplish our goal. 

We like to call it our 'Less is Best" pesticide program.

And it works great! 

We do recommend people and pets remain off our lawns for 2 hours after treatment, and at each application you will be left a card in your door explaining exactly what was applied, to where, and when, and as always, a notification flag will be left near the driveway.

We are very aware of our environment, and treat it with respect, and as gently as we can.

We also follow all guidelines set forth by The City of Ann Arbor in regards to application of Phosphorus, and we do not apply Phosphorus in our program at all.  Our research and testing shows us that Phosphorus is already an abundant nutrient in the soils of Washtenaw County and no application is necessary.

     How often are treatments scheduled?

Of course that depends on how many treatments you choose to schedule with your service, but most of our customers recieve a visit, check up, and treatment every 5 weeks.  The growing season is generally 30 weeks in our area and most customers choose our 6 application program.

Of course....partial programs are Most Welcome!

If you can only afford or only wish 2 or 3 applications per year?  Thats ok! 

We will work with you to get you the most for your money, and help you choose the best treatments or treatment for you and your Landscape.

What are my payment options?

We currently have two payment options at Lopresti lawnscape.

Pre Pay:  We offer a 5% discount if you wish to pre pay for your scheduled program for the year! 

Pay As You Go:  If you choose not to pre pay.  No problem!  We will leave you an invoice, and an envelope when we service the property, along with our notification card and flag. 

We don't currently have late fee's, or pushy payment schedules.  But like you, we have bills to pay....so all we ask is that you pay us as soon as possible after each visit.  

Can you let me know ahead of time before you come out for a treatment?

Of Course!  We can give you a "Call-Ahead" the night before, day before, or whenever you would like when have you scheduled for a visit.

No problem whatsoever.

     Are Service Calls included in my service?

They certainly are.  And we encourage customers to take advantage of them.  We may only visit once every five weeks and if there is something going on in between visits like maybe a few weeds, some unusual spots or what have you...Please call us.